Martina Silcock

Producer & Director

For over a decade, I’ve been working in TV and film moving up the production ladder to Production Manager, mostly on TV dramas, and have worked as Producer on two short films and as Line Producer on a variety of other short form projects. I’m very fortunate that my job has taken me to many countries – Hong Kong, Hungary, Greece – and all across the UK and I have now landed in Los Angeles. Drama, especially science-fiction, is my passion as I love stories that make you reflect and see the world in a different way. I believe that science-fiction is a particularly good way of telling small, personal stories on a large, fantastical scale. Great science fiction dramas show how the bigger stories that affect all of us are made up of our individual narratives and how society fits together. I want to tell stories that engage, make people think, and make people laugh, with a focus on under-represented voices. A colleague told me “if you want to Produce, Produce”, which has stuck with me as it’s a good reminder that the only person who holds you back is yourself and why not give something a try? Upon taking his advice I made Lines in the Sand, my first short film as Producer – a very simplistic summation of four years’ work! There are stories I’ve been developing which need a different creative voice to mine (as marginalized stories should be told by marginalized voices) and my aim is to continue to Produce these, but I have also been working on stories that I can visualize and put my own voice to. I’m now taking my colleague’s advice again and beginning my path to Direct my first short film. It’s a science-fiction drama, of course.